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Meet Candy

Photo by Debby Wolvos • DW Photography

Candy 2016

A Few of Chef Lesher's Previous Industry Accomplishments


  • 30 years experience as a chef, instructor and restaurateur

  • Inductee to Arizona's Culinary Hall of Fame

  • Editor-in-Chief of a food-focused magazine

  • Accomplished author and journalist

  • Host, executive producer and Telly Award winner for the local Food & Life Television show (you can view a sampling of Chef Lesher's videos at

  • Member and current President of Les Dame d'Escoffier, Phoenix Chapter

Chefs know, weight gain is an occupational hazard; food is your passion and you're either handling it, thinking about or tasting it every waking hour (okay, dreaming about it too). At one point I had ballooned up to over 265 lbs! Fate intervened in the form of Stage-3 uterine cancer. Changes were needed, and after going through a brutal phase of chemo and radiation, I didn't need to be told twice.


That was almost 10 years ago. I began immersing myself in what it takes to create a healthy lifestyle, and eventually the light bulb clicked on. The day-to-day joys of being a chef and instructor were not nearly as exciting or challenging as coaching others to achieve their own healthy state.


A Culinary Wellness Coach was born!

Candy and David, 2006
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