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Secret Number 1 - Water!

Health and Weight Loss Secret Number 1 - Water!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. No matter where you live, you hear it all the time. And we ignore it as often as we hear it.

Oh, the intention is there. Like most of us, you'll vow to drink x-amount of water each day. That noble intention rarely makes it to mid-afternoon though, a real shame when you recognize that one of the most undervalued tools of wellness, is water.

Could it really be that simple? Yes, and no. If you continue unhealthy habits and simply add in more water - wellness will still be a resounding "no." However, when you combine drinking more water with healthful choices, it does indeed make a difference. The trick is understanding the "how" of it. There are plenty of studies that show drinking enough water reduces down the amount of what we eat - which is a great start, but lets take it a step further...

Your body is amazing - and I'm guessing like most of us, you consistently underestimate it. One of the top organs for metabolism that rarely gets due respect - would be the liver. More specifically, the performance of your body's incredible cleaning and filtering system.

Lets say you're determined to lose the excess weight that's been dogging you for sometime. First, picture fat cells; think of them as permanent little balloons throughout your body, filled up with fat (and toxins), rather than air. Why did I say permanent balloons - don't we lose fat cells when we lose weight? Actually, no; once you hit adulthood, you can lose weight, but the number of fat cells you have will never diminish. The only thing you can change is how much will be stored inside of those cells.

So you need to focus on getting rid of what's inside them, which means signaling your body to release what's in those cells. If you upped exercise and reduced processed food, your body would send a signal to start digging into the storehouse found within your cells. The fat inside the cell is sent to your liver, which determines to either turn it into energy, or further break it down to be released.

But wait - the liver can't handle this "extra" workload you're putting on it, if it doesn't have the one tool it needs to function, filter and flush properly - water! That's right, without proper hydration, your liver becomes sluggish and overtaxed, going into survival mode, which means it is only dealing with those functions needed to keep you upright. When this happens, it can't address the fat you worked so hard to release. So what happens to anything the liver can't deal with? Your liver stores it - as fat! The effort to lose weight becomes a futile endeavor - all over a simple lack of water!

So if you've ever done everything right, but the weight just would not come off (or came off slower than a herd of sloths slogging through cold molasses), you may want to ask, "I did my job - but did I give my liver the hydration it needed to do its job?" A lack of proper hydration could well have sabotaged your efforts.

Do your health, your weight and your liver a big favor. Don't shrug off the need to stay well hydrated. Keep that all-important inner filtration system running at optimum by resolving to drink plenty of pure, clean water!

~ as written for Designer's Circle


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